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If you want to create a page just for booking, consider creating a custom page. Below, the table feature has been used to format the image and text on the page, while the images have been inserted by pasting custom code using the Embed button. You can also add images with the custom page tool.



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"When I woke up the day of the wedding and saw it was raining my heart sank to the ground. You plan for this day for so long and rain was never a part of that. I honestly thought that the rain was going to ruin our day. You both did not only capture the day but somehow all the emotion and feeling as well. Even the rain looks great. When we now look at our photos I wouldn't want to change one single second. You can tell that both of you really enjoy photographing weddings just by the way you are on the day, relaxed, calm and always smiling. Thank you both for truly amazing photos."

- Amanda & Steve

"Wow! Everyone I have shown the photos to asks "who was your photographer". We are both blown away by the colour and quality. Without being to biased they are the best wedding photos I have ever seen. Thank you for listening to us and capturing the day with the candid fly on the wall style we asked for. Great Job!"

- Amy & Ben

"Now that I finally have some time, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for everything you have done for Chrissy and I on our wedding day! Not only were you easy to work with, but we had so much fun with you at our wedding. You captured every shot that we requested as well as ones that we forgot to ask you about. Everyone at the wedding told us how fun it was to work with you, and how great of a job you did. You gave us the ultimate wedding gift, beautiful pictures. Chrissy and I will be recommending you to anyone who asks for a photographer. Thanks again for everything!!!"

- Chrissy & Jon