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White Gold Photography is a premier wedding and portrait studio and happy to be serving the public for so many years. We work hard to make sure all our work from commercial prints to personal portraits are of the highest quality and meet the standards and demands of today consumers.

These photos demonstrate the type of work we’re capable of producing within the framework of our studio. Not only do we have a number of photographers that we work with on a regular basis, we’re very familiar with their style of photography. We work to ensure you are connected with the creative design that meets your personal expectations.

Please feel free to contacts us directly, or just walk into our studio and ask to speak with one of our on-location specialists. We aim to please and hope to be working with you soon on whatever your photography needs are.

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In the Bridal Suite https://www.whitegoldphotography.com/blog/2011/4/In-the-Bridal-Suite I've been away for a while because my darling sister got married this month in a lovely ceremony at the Outdoor Art Club. Congrats Katy & John!!

She hired a photographer so I could be her maid of honor (well, “matron” of honor… ugh) and enjoy the wedding, but I took a few snaps while we were getting ready in the bridal suite.

This is one of my favorites – Katy, you were (and are) absolutely stunning!

The day began, of course, with hair and makeup…

Once in the bridal suite, we got Katy into her dress and ready for her portraits.

A little champagne + best friends + new family = lots of fun waiting for the ceremony to begin -

Final preparations, and then we’re off! Time to put down the camera…

Love you, Katy!

John’s uncle, also John, officiated a beautiful ceremony that had us all crying, and laughing, and crying again. It was truly a celebration of life and of love.

Katy and John, I’m so happy for you two. You have many happy years to look forward together… of course with your love deepening and strengthening along the way.


ps – I’ve been busy with photo work as well… more on that soon!

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